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When four or more men, whose sexuality may be in question, share a bowl of ice cream with only one spoon.
I ordered some ice cream for my friends, but the waiter only brought one spoon. We knew it was about to be a sausage feast.
by patricklakeshore September 07, 2010
Similar to sausagefest. A party where a very large percentage of the constituents are male. Unlike a sausagefest, however, sausagefeasts are portrayed in a positive fashion.
This isn't a sausagefest, it's a sausagefeast!
by Man who knows things August 18, 2011
What you get at a sausagefest when a slut shows up and proceeds to suck everybody off.
Dave: All of us guys were hanging out playin' Call of Duty when Brittany showed up. Our sausagefest turned into a total sausage feast if you get my drift.

Slut 1: Check out this sausagefest, it's like an all you can eat buffet!
Slut 2: More like a sausage feast!
by Pisser0 November 09, 2011
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