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A man who is so irrestible all women flock to him in numbers. A gigolo. Very sexy.
That guy is such a Sauman! Look at all those biznatches with him! I'm attracted to his svelte body!
by RL January 03, 2004
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A beautiful, confident and hard-working girl. Saumans are usually extremely sexy and don't mind a bit of fun, but are also very intellectually pleasing. Very industrial and focused on being the best, this often reflects with her high academic marks. She may not like playing in teams, but she is SUPER physically fit and likes to show it. She has a beautifully body with perfect curves in the perfect places, always smells good and leaves you wanting more. Known for her abilities in bed, she not only knows how to get what she wants, but makes you want to give it to her. Although she can be a quite flirty, once she is committed to someone, she is faithful. Don't let go of her.
She's a Sauman!
by rhinestonebaby January 22, 2013
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