it means ill/sick/cool/tight
yo Anthony listen to this song

dam thts saucy
by created by Anthony and Praneet January 09, 2010
foxy, kinky, another word for that!
'You saucy girl you!'
by silly_soraya July 14, 2005
A word usually referencing someone with swagger and savvy. Often associated with a sweet finesse move or dangle referring to hockey.
Yo, did you see Drew's saucy dangles last game.
by Professor Dickweed 5018 December 11, 2009
Someone being sexy and sultry - overall: attractive and tempting
Just look at her. Bloody hell! Saucy bitch!
by Bieluń December 09, 2009
Saucy means cool, or sexy, something of that sort.
"That girl has some saucy legs."

"Man that car is flippin saucy my friend!"

"I was getting saucy at the club last night."
by CaRrOt ToP KiD August 30, 2006
the level of drunkness before drunk but after tipsy
oh man i am saucy right now. i need more alchie to get CRUNKKK
by sexyladyyy January 21, 2010
another word for drunk. comes from the word sauced.
they're so cool they get saucy in the bathroom at Dallas BBQs
by saucyFoLiiF3 May 04, 2009

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