to be extremley drunk or wasted with alcoholic beverages.
Victor:"Andy u were sauced lastnight nigga!!!
Andy:yeah man i was sauced.
by Mad Chemist July 10, 2008
To "own" someone, being dominated,put down. Popular in the northeast united states.
"You just got sauced"
by Gou-ja May 03, 2009
When one is taking so many anabolic steroids, that they're physique and strength make rapid and incredible gains. Often many people can tell when one is Sauced by they're cocky swagger, or they're very tight sleeves.
Did you see Timmy benching today? Yeah, he's so Sauced!!!!


That guy was abusing his shirt sleeves, did you see? Yeah, it's because he is Sauced to the max!
by Domcirca1984 June 11, 2010
(v.) past tense of sauce: means to be owned.
1: He sauced 3 of our guys with his left and owned our keeper with an upper 90! It was terrible..
by Ma-Rak November 14, 2007
To be told. An insult usualy qued up after a joke about someone's mom. Can be spotted by the shaking motion of an imaginary bottle above the insultee's head.
Insultee: "Why is this bag so lumpy?"
Insulter: "Cuz it's a sculpture of your mom, DAMN!!! YOU GOT SAUCED!!!" (begins shaking imaginary bottle above the insultee's head)
by Tdub/Jake/Matt May 10, 2010
see salted.
to be embarrassed;to be held back from something you really wanted to do.
tom- hey shira, you wanna go out with me?
shira-hell no
mike- oo sauced.
by chelly girl January 21, 2007
Can be pretty much anything. From squirting sauce (the orginal use) to playing an awesome prank on someone.
Some guy(probably tubb): "Hey! You tripped me!"
Doug: "Mate, you just got sauced!"
by Mp5 dude! January 14, 2008
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