To deficate in one's pants.
Oh my god, I think I just sauced myself!
by K-10 September 27, 2006
to get beat up or fucked up messed up hurt bad
yo nigga u tryin to get sauced
by billuke January 06, 2008
To be ejaculated upon;
Dude if you say sauced one more time your gonna get your face sauced.
by josh December 15, 2004
1. Sauced means to be shook or juked during a sports event.

2. When someone confuses you, that means you have been sauced.
1. Did you see Randy Moss sauce that man yesterday? He got the shit sauced out of em'!

2. Conversation b/t Tom & Bob
Tom - Did your mom find out about the weed?
Bob - What weed? I've never smoked!
Tom - Sauced
Bob - I knew you were kidding...
by J-Rock April 16, 2005
The word comes from the game of foosball. It is when the opposition tries to clear the ball with it's goal tender or defensive line, only to have the front line of the offensive team smack it back into the net.
'Shit, Mike got sauced like 10 times in foosball today'
by Kyle McLaughlan February 13, 2005

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