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(n.) The epitome of maturity and humanity. A supreme being who rides on unicorns. Often used to describe someone who is infinitely good and wise. Girls love him, guys want to be like him, batman envies him. To be a Satvik is to be more perfect than perfect.
Girl1: My heart melts everytime I look at him.
Girls2: Wow! he must be a Satvik.
by darkdefenders November 10, 2014
a fat cow that likes to poop unicorns
Mary: I think I'll go poop some unicorns
Lily: NO don't do that!! You'll turn into a satvik!!
by Laanya February 01, 2009
An act of having humiliated/made a joke of/ insulted oneself.


To take ones's own "case"!
"Kangaroo Jack just pulled off a Satvik while talking about the small holes on coke bottles, not being able to enter other Holes!"

"He Satviked himself while passing a joke."
by HIC_Intern_Krizma August 30, 2016
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