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Getting fired from a job you hated anyway, preferably while making crude comments or giving your manager or boss the finger.
Tom: I got satisfired today.
Dan: Really? What happened?
Tom: You know that shit job I had at Taco Hell? Yeah. They said I wasn't giving "satisfactory performance". I told the manager that that's what his wife told me last night and walked out.
by Your aunt's brother's mother August 31, 2008
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That good feeling of relief when your terrible boss finally let's you go... And you won't have to deal with your nasty co-workers.
After that 3rd warning last Monday, Mr Stuurman thought he was teaching me a lesson by letting me go for coming to work wasted. Little did he know I was satisfired...HaHaHa I never loved that job HaHaHa *sips vodka* HaHaHa Free at last
by Demented_Retard June 24, 2015

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