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PG surveillance, don't mess up or she will put you on blast :)
Saskia: Gata had a 78 marshall lol I just had to do that
by GaTa_BoRiCuA November 06, 2011
A girl who enjoys weeing in gardens, farting, and occasional shoving of orange peel into her underwear for pleasure. She has wonky eyes and sausage hands. Always the joker, and on the whole loved.
Friend 1: Ewwwwww, someone farted?!

Friend 2: it had to be saskia!
Saskia: yes guys it was me. Anyone got an orange?!
the DEFINITION OF CRACKWHORE...also means in arabic SHARMOUTA..
oh look at this girl what a saskia!! :O
by timo supremo 69 June 07, 2011