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to think out of the box.
Joanne sasied and came up with a solution for the budget cuts.
by monsooner October 28, 2006
23 9
A very cute and hyper active person
Tom is a Sasi, forever acting cute and running around.
by wanna be chinese August 29, 2009
30 6
Name of a person who is beautiful but infantile and sensitive.
Look that girl, she must be Sasi.
by F:) January 02, 2014
1 1
Sasi is a program used by many public schools to keep track of student progress (i.e. grades, attendance, etc.) Has been found to be very unreliable in most cases. So much so that some schools have gone back to paper attendance and grades.
P.A. Announcement: Staff, please excuse this interruption. Please log out of SASI and turn off your computers, their server has gone down...AGAIN! Thank you for your cooperation.
by cooperbran16 July 23, 2007
7 15
masturbation; masturbate
Si Anjo ay nag sasi kaninang umaga.

Anjo masturbates this morning.
by jerome.cuenca March 25, 2010
7 21