the culmination of talent, wisdom, compassion, humor, and beauty, as a mental state and human embodiment.
Once you've experienced true sarvani, it's impossible to settle for anything less.
by Riley Leroy June 24, 2009
Top Definition
an adjective used to describe an unusually and startlingly beautiful woman.
Did you see her? God, she was so sarvani!
by Morgan Elizabeth March 05, 2007
a creator of beautiful things; a symbol of kindness, virtue, passion and hope; materialized music.
When searching for a reason to have faith in humanity, one need look no further than to sarvani.
by Maya Kavi February 01, 2010
a font of energy and courage; a ceaseless source of strength and support
In times of trial, one needs only to look towards their sarvani to muster the will to prevail.
by Anya Pralosi March 13, 2013
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