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the culmination of talent, wisdom, compassion, humor, and beauty, as a mental state and human embodiment.
Once you've experienced true sarvani, it's impossible to settle for anything less.
by Riley Leroy June 24, 2009
43 2
an adjective used to describe an unusually and startlingly beautiful woman.
Did you see her? God, she was so sarvani!
by Morgan Elizabeth March 05, 2007
50 1
a creator of beautiful things; a symbol of kindness, virtue, passion and hope; materialized music.
When searching for a reason to have faith in humanity, one need look no further than to sarvani.
by Maya Kavi February 01, 2010
31 4
a font of energy and courage; a ceaseless source of strength and support
In times of trial, one needs only to look towards their sarvani to muster the will to prevail.
by Anya Pralosi March 13, 2013
5 0