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(SHA-RU-NAS) aka... PAPI.... (V, adj, N, Adverb). - Tall man with much hair on head, in constant need of haircut. Of Luthuanian origan. Qualities of major dislike of anything Homo. Active party Animal (Square dance champian, Ho Down contestant winner.) Lover of Nascar. Active SI Ferry rider... onlooker of Statue of Liberty, not yet realized that is no longer tourist..

-" Luthuania is the greatest country in the world, every other country is run by little Girls" - Sarunas

Sunglasses are ment to be worn outdoors... where there is sun.
STD Free

"What are you good for, you dont even dance for me anymore?" - Sarunas


-i am beautiful.... You r not- Sarunas
-I Never will go again to theatre with fucking idiots... chineese food- Sarunas
Doctor, are we having a boy or girl? I have bad news, your having a Sarunas
by Samuel Tsinman November 20, 2006
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