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Abbreviation of the word so harsh!
Sarsh is to be used when someone says something mean, not very nice or insulting about another person (something that is quite harsh)
Person 1: Omg! that chick is so ugly!
Person 2: Aww thats sarsh!

Guy 1: Holey shitballs! that chick is so fat, she needs to go to Jenny Craig pronto!
Guy 2: Thats Sarsh!
by August 01, 2009
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adj. unexpected event which is unpleasant to the senses; serve or cruel

derived from the words harsh and shit

Used in the extreme event, reserved for the ultimate event or form of annoyance
You just dropped your drink and spilled it therefore 'oh sarsh'

Someone gets dissed, you make the comment 'oh that was sarsh'

Many sarsh events occur at once therefore 'Sarshalious' would be used.
by Claire Beaumont March 12, 2005
someone by the name of sarah who is repeatedly harsh
i know she's such a sarsh
by skater1872 August 16, 2010

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