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Similar to 'nimrod', it shares the same suffix, and quite similar meaning...ignorance; without intelligence; oblivious; a hunter/preditor (from the biblical character, Nimrod). Some believe the word 'nimrod' was made a mainstream term by "Bugs Bunny", in which, he refers to Elmer Fudd as a "poor little hunter", bringing about it's use in describing smaller than average things. It can also refer to a viral in, "SARS", sharing the same prefix.
Sarmod's wrath is a nasty one. It leaves devastation in it's wake, oblivious to it's victims. It spares no one, not even small children. For reasons unknown to experts, at this time, females with low self esteem (such as those who are overweight, etc.) appear to be especially suseptible to the virus, and tend to fall prey more easily than others.
by cupcake; a noun February 03, 2010
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