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greek word for meat and rice covered by a leaf
ypalilos: ti tha fate kyrie?
Pelatis: mia sarmades mia kafteri kai enan sarmas.
by johnpetrovich October 23, 2006
An authentic ARMENIAN food that is delicious. Made from meat and rice which are tightly wrapped burrito-style in grape leaves. Usually one makes several of them because they are pretty small- about 4 inches by 2 inches thick. SOO YUMMY!
Me: Hey Nonny, what's for dinner?

Nonny: Oh just the usual Armenian dinner! Including your favorite- Sarma!

Me: Oooh I love sarma!
by armeniangirl July 13, 2011
Best meal in the world. It's believed that sarma is originally a Turkish meal.Today, sarma is widespread across the world.
There are many varieties of sarma. Usually it's the culture, religion and customs that determine the way of sarma's preparation. Sometimes sarma is rolled in vine leaves, and sometimes in cabbage leaves. Sometimes it's made of pork, sometimes of beef.
Everbody loves sarma.
num num, num, num
by Humanus September 18, 2010
A Serbian meal consisting of ground meat wrapped into sauerkraut (kiseli kupus). It's made best by Serbian grandmothers.
Uh kakvu mi je sarmu baba napravila, nazdrao sam se ko stoka.

That sarma is better than anything I've ever tasted.
by njujorcanka September 15, 2008
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