Top Definition
pronounced : sa - fraz

1) Too cool
2) Strong, Hard
3) Streetwise
4) Rolling deep
" That man be Sarfraz "
" dont mess with that man - why? - he be sarfraz"
by stud1_89 May 08, 2005
An individual who has a deluded sense of superiority over others....unable to take criticism...he ends up resorting to making videos on Facebook....unable to make judgements as he is unable to comprehend a large amount of information as he relies upon hearsay. Feels like he has a God given right to tell others what is right & wrong, good & utter gobshite of a person who needs to be dealt with
Oh no its Sarfraz
Kill it (Sarfraz) before it breeds
by 123lover123 May 19, 2016
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