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this is a type of girl that you want to meet no matter what. shes some what dumb but you'll love her any way. you gotta meet this girl she'll change you.
damn that girl is a sarai
by there is problemss February 15, 2009
The most sweetest girl you will ever meet beautiful, smart and a great sense on humor she will be the best friend you will ever have. she will be there you for no matter what if you meet a Sarai hold her close she will be a life long friend.
I met this girl she is such a sarai!
by Autumn G February 20, 2015
A loving caring person puts other problems in front of hers always tries to help those Who are in need dosent want to burden others with her own problems gorgeous personality and persona someone that is easy to get along with extremly friendly smart classy intellligent overall someone you like being around with and once you become friends with you aren't going to want to let go
"Sarai is so amazing
by Peaceoutgs February 02, 2016
A hoe. But the best person you will meet in your life but still a hoe
Oh look a Sarai ! she's probably a hoe
by Caca468 June 03, 2016
this is a person who is a total bookworm, nerd, and person who enjoys to watch puppies close doors. they also are great friends and wont beat me up for putting down what i did.
wow, sarai was totally not being a bitch and didn't even bother to beat me up when she read this!!!
by safrina zoles August 25, 2008
noun: A person, or group of people who take jokes way too seriously, usually because of some fundamental misunderstanding. Also a person or group who do not know what is going on around them, despite a wealth of evidence, visual and oral cues.
verb: To gravely misunderstand what is happening around you.

Sarai is sometimes used as replacement for "sorry" in a conversation, when you screw up a word, or the general syntax of the english language.
noun: "You've been making baseless accusations constantly, none of which had anything to do with the situation, you need to stop acting like a Sarai."

verb: "Sorry, man... I was sarai'n out."

apology: "How do I shot web? SARAI!! I meant, how do I shoot web?"
by RiskyJello May 06, 2006
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