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Sapingo /a (Noun/Adj): Cuban slang for faking being knowledgeable on any material, sometimes successfully. Also sometimes associated with being ostentatious, undesirable or fake. Depending on the situation not totally disrespectful nor offensive.

Coming from the word "sapiente" meaning "knowledgeable person", the "sapingo" word is believed to have originated in the old continent theaters where people who weren't experts on any form of art would go numerous times to a play or spectacle to the point of picking up vocabulary, being able to fake and even debate other (sometimes knowledgeable) attendees in the so-called "tertulias".

PD: Sapiente" comes from the latin "sapiēns".
Ex: "Ana just read these books first pages and now she's going around telling people she knows Computer Engineering; she's the greatest sapinga ever."

Sapinga = feminine for sapingo.
by alekine53 October 05, 2011
cuban slang for a person that is a total jackass...
that guy is a sapingo..ese comierda es tremendo sapingo
by oscar February 05, 2004
A come mierda; one who says or does stupid or irrelevant things. Derivations include sapinga (female) and sapingus.
That guy just cut me off, what a SAPINGO!
by P Dubs & Mouse October 08, 2007
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