A strange, mystical Neanderthal like creature that allegedly roams the Caucasus (with the exception of Mount Elbrus) and the Kazakh Steppe.

Although there has never been any conclusive proof that the "Santos" actually exists rumours abound in the folklore of the region and the similarity in description across all the different countries cast some sort of credibility to it's existence.

The creature is said to be of "swarthy" appearance and has a lumbering gait that makes it appear to stagger as though drunk with the Azerbaijani, Dagestan, Chechnya and some Georgian people referring to it as "Chorni Chuchka Santos", and the Kazakhs calling it "Monkeyears Santos"

There are many rumours of conflicts between the Santos and local villagers and it is said to be aggressive if cornered and bears the scars of many battles.

It's said it moves between the Caucasus and the Kazakh Steppe by swimming the Caspian Sea and there have been limited sightings reported in the Ural River in Atyrau, however most local experts believe it migrates over frozen areas of the Caspian during the winter months.

It is reportedly a solitary creature that eats fermented fruit which may account for it's drunken like state in many of it's sightings
Wow man, that's rarer than a Santos !!

Check him out dude, he's like a staggering Santos
by Baku Goose August 12, 2009
Top Definition
the kind of guy that just finds it hard to say no. He most definitely is the kinda person that will bust out a helping hand when needed. Extremely goofy and funny, probably a best friend to all. Also tends to have the most immaculate hair ever styled.
Rick: Hey man, how have you been?
Tommy: Pretty good, just been a real santos lately nawmean?
by ffrloverer July 22, 2009
Usually a hot Spanish boy tends to be really funny,He Also Is very sociable& has a amazing personality, isnt afraid to take A dare, gels his hair and is very good with girls in bed using his big dick
by DRE UKF April 30, 2011
A great good looking guy, sometimes cocky-er than should be and an unusually large penis. Highly intelligent and educated. Acts sometimes like he doesn't care but deep inside he is very cuddly like a teddy bear. Ever guy wishes he was Santo. Also a sexy guy that liked the women and has a nice tooth brush

Boyfriend: OMG there's Santo, I wish I was like him.
Girlfriend: Sigh....I wish you were like him too.
hot, penis, intelligent, santo
by Definitions0098008 February 04, 2010
Virgin Island term for Dominicans, mostly because of the capital city of the Dominican Republic is Santo Domingo and such a large influx of Dominicans live,in the Virgin Islands.
Utah:I tought she wuz a Puertorican!
Kathleen: No, she a Santo
by Damiien October 02, 2007
The Hispanic equivalent of a Chad or Bro
The beer pong team of Chad and Santos just got their popped collars and Kanye glasses handed to them!
by Newginz November 05, 2011
A man with a fucked up mind. He goes around saying anything that comes to mind, no matter how reatrded or disbelievable it may sound.
Santo: "What if that lolipop you were eating somehow came alive and started screaming in your mouth with a bloodcurtling scream 'help it hurts'?"

Everyone else: "Dude what the fuck????"
by Doofniggah October 13, 2011
A person with great potential, great looks, and always gives a helping hand.

Sicillian form of a Saint.
He's such a Santo.
by YTB1996 March 11, 2015
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