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it means "thank you", but with heavy asian accent (japanese).
"TH-" from "thank" is pronounced like S. and "yu" from "you". hence the word, "SankYU"
girl: im cold
guy: here, take my sweater
girl: sankyu !
by nixxter02 September 19, 2010
Japanese Slang for Thank You in english. It translates to 39 or to be more exact 3 9, which when said in Japanese are San and Kyu. It is also used in txt messages to short Thank You as on a Japanese Cell, numbers are much easier than Kanji.
Text from You: Yeah You can borrow that DVD.

Text from Me: Hey 39


You: Hey can you help me out here
Me: Sure
You: San-Kyu.
by Leysritt856 May 26, 2010
A Japanese phrase that shows up alot in animes and the subs say it means "thank you" but I don't understand how that works because it can't be defined anywhere else. Can also be replaced with "arigatou".
Kyousuke said "Sankyu" when Misaki gave him the sweater.
by cinmonbuns May 29, 2008

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