something that dj lost
DJ:Excuse me while i search for my teh cell
by z4Z2 August 12, 2004
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the one thing everyone wants but cant get-because soon enough we all realise the truth- were all a bit mad.
Sanity is stupid-you should reach for insanity, like the rest of us.
by Biafra J July 29, 2004
Noun (n)
Sanity is being of a 'healthy/sound mind' and being able to make well judged choices.
Sanity or lack thereof, occurs in varing degrees.
See also (Sane).
Sanity is for the weak!!

The level of your sanity, my friend, is yet to be determined...
by F4tal_3rror December 25, 2005
The downfall of the present, and the essence of the 'good old days'
Nostalgia sets in when we realize that our home grown sanity is what wrinkles the skin and grays our hair.
by The Sero March 23, 2006
somthing you lose when you play a game called flappy bird
i lost my sanity after i played flappy bird.
by aaaeg111 February 18, 2014
a word made up by ego maniacs to simply describe the state of conditon they think they are presently in. the truth is that, are crazy people realy insane? or do they simply comprehend and percive a different reality
this is what sanity really looks like: when there is nothing left to burn you must set yourself on fire. yup its the truth that my friends is so called "sanity"
by toxicmerc571 September 18, 2006
innocence, when you are not 'dirty'
you know ?
you have no sanity
by thyan December 20, 2008
something I will probably never possess
backslash lost his sanity
by backslash March 27, 2005

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