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Noun (n)
Sanity is being of a 'healthy/sound mind' and being able to make well judged choices.
Sanity or lack thereof, occurs in varing degrees.
See also (Sane).
Sanity is for the weak!!

The level of your sanity, my friend, is yet to be determined...
by F4tal_3rror December 25, 2005
Bit Comet
Noun (n)

An application that uses bit torrent to download and upload data.
Bit Comet is an alternative to Kaaza, Strong DC++, DC++ for sharing data with or without legitimate intentions.
Uses sites, trackers and torrents to obtain data from users who are downloading or have downloaded the same file as you or have made a torrent of it. Partial Data from file/s is transfered from a user who has portion/s of file/s that another user does not.
"I downloaded the new version of Suse Pro on Bit Comet last night."
by F4tal_3rror December 25, 2005
Get your head out

To wake up to yourself or come to your senses.
Get your head outta your arse, mate!
by F4tal_3rror December 25, 2005
Pull your head in

Shut up or Mind your own buisiness.

See also Get your head out for a simmilar but very different phrase.
Pull your fucking head in!

Pull your head in!
by F4tal_3rror December 25, 2005
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