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Very pretty and the nicest, smartest girl in the whole school.
Person: Waah...I need help
Sania: I'll help you.
by Miranda February 21, 2005
Sania, are very sweet, kind hearted, and knows how to have fun. She is someone that you can tell anything to, and will open her heart to anyone as long as you do the same. Although, if you mess around with her to much, and hurt her, she will most likley build a wall between you and her, and she can be bitchy and dry. Sania's are overall sexy, loving, smart, optimistic, fun, and over all beautiful. Never let sania go because you'll never find someone like her
i wish i was like her, she is awesome, she is sania.
by koolest123 August 18, 2011
The prettiest, nicest girl in the world. She is really insecure and is kind of socially awkward, but everyone still loves her. The only problem is that she actually hates everyone and is a bit rude. Everyone also trusts her with everything and she is easy to talk to.

If you ever meet a Sania, keep her. You won't regret it.
Did you see what Sania posted on instagram? It was so cool!
by are you serious omf February 24, 2015
Usually of indian decent.

The nicest, sexiest girl in the whole school. Usually has huge tits and a nice ass, she loves cum on her tits and anal. The best in bed, party animal. Sania is a total babe.
Boy1:Who's that goddess over there?
Boy2:Oh that's Sania, she's great in the sack
by Wonderfulgirliscool October 22, 2013
She smells kinda funky...shes loud..she don't know how to speak proper english...
Yo man..Whos that girl..Oh its Sania!
by Jeeef October 19, 2004
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