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A mixed emotion of being sad and angry.
I felt sangry when my wallet was stolen at the movies because sentimental peices of me were gone but it was my own fault.
by Amanda July 25, 2004
When someone has a well-up of emotions that is a combination of both sad and angry. It usually occurs when someone is repeatedly mistaken or repeatedly made fun of.
Friend: "Hey, Connor, you're so fat!"
Connor: "Now I'm sangry."

Connor: "Are we on an island?"
Friend: "No way Connor; we're on Scofield Point!"
Connor: "Now I'm sangry."

Connor: "Happy birthday, Gretchen!"
Friend: "It's not Gretchen's birthday."
Connor: "Now I'm sangry."
by best_summer_ever February 10, 2011
When someone does something and then feels a welling-up of emotion that is both a combination of sad and angry. Usually happens when #1 someone does or says something dumb, mean, stupid, or silly, or when #2 someone else says something dumb, mean, stupid, or silly to someone.
Friend 1: "Happy birthday!"
Friend 2: "It's not my birthday."
Friend 1: "Oh, oops. I'm sangry at myself now."

Friend 1: "I'm so glad we're on an island!"
Friend 2: "We're not on an island. We're at Scofield Point."
Friend 1: "Oh. Now I feel sangry."

Friend 1: "There's a coyote outside our tent!"
Friend 2: "That's just a tent bag."
Friend 1: "How embarrassing! I'm so sangry!"

Friend 2: "I'm going to make a fat joke about you!"
Friend 1: "Aww, don't make me feel sangry."
by Otis_Fields_Roe February 17, 2011
Being devastatingly sad and angry at the same time.
Jessica was sangry that her husband abondoned her.
by Irishsage30 July 04, 2014
Both sad and angry emotions together.
I'm feeling Sangry.
by Scumdog_gwar December 31, 2015

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