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A person who is girlieish. A dolt, an idiot, a fool. One who is easily taken advantage of. A naive individual.
Ese chamaco es un sangano.
by Frank Sinclair November 20, 2006
Spanish word for jackass. Used on scrubs
Marko on scrubs call turk san-gan-o alot.
by Zwink August 05, 2007
Although having varied meanings in other tongues, in Nicaraguan (dialect of Spanish), it most closely can be translated into "slutbag", or generally a promiscuous male.
"What do you think of Shawn?"

"He seems really sweet, but a guy that good looking HAS to be a sangano"
by S-ManEsq May 10, 2007
(English) Phonetic misspelling of zángano.
Sangano: see zángano for examples
by Johann7 March 04, 2008
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