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n. a hair condition similar to dandruff that is most frequently caught from visiting the beach. A.K.A. sand in the hair, sandy hair
dude1: "dude what's all that shit in your hair?"
dude2: "oh we just got back from the beach. I got some serious sandruff going on..."
by Olly J June 09, 2005
Grains of sand left in your hair after spending the day at the beach.
I rinsed off at the beach but my hair's still full of sandruff.
by MagicSam June 27, 2011
The phenomenon of sand falling out of your hair after spending a lot of time on the beach. If one is wearing a dark shirt, it can appear that they have heavy dandruff.
After four days on the beach, my suit was collecting sandruff every time I scratched my head.
by thewman January 20, 2010
The sand that falls from your scalp after a trip to the beach.
Dude you may need to get head and shoulders

Naw, I just got back from the beach, it's just sandruff.
by Laurible January 14, 2009
The annoying, crusty build up of sand you get on your scalp when beach camping.
I had the worst sandruff of my life when we we were camping in Idaho. It must've been because we were sleeping on the beach.
by Girl Army July 10, 2012
Combination of the words 'sandwich' and 'dandruff' referring to the tiny crumbs which litter your clothes after eating a sandwich and give the impression that you are suffering with a dry scalp.
"Don't look at me like that - I'm not suffering from a dry scalp it's just sandruff"
by chezzah January 12, 2009
Sand that falls out of your hair making it look like you have dandruff
person 1: "have you been at the beach?"
Person 2: "ye my sandruff is hectic"
by marceytime March 20, 2015
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