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sanskrit for sunrise, sunset, and various other times of the day regarding sun and moon

plus it's my name
It's romantic to take your girlfriend (named sandhya) for a walk and watch the evening sandhya. :0
by Sandhya January 12, 2005
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(Origin: Through the Indian State of Andhra-Pradesh to New York City, down to the southeastern region of the United States, esp. Georgia and Kentucky.)

def.n. The one I love
by Reed Thompson November 09, 2004
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A woman full of little quirks, with an aura of mystery, and eyes like deep pools you can drown yourself in. Incidentally, also fantastic in the sack, beat poetry and research papers.
Damn man, there was this hottie I hooked up with last night, she was so cray, a total Sandhya if I ever saw one!
by totalinternetstranger January 03, 2017
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