A persain guy who thinks he's gansta and raps all the time but he isnt quite black enough to a sandnigger. The equivalent of the white guys down at the bus stop to being wiggers.
This here sandwigger misses his persian food
There is no such thing as a celebrity sandwigger because nobody likes them
Sandwiggers are classless chaps
#ant. sandnigger #kobe bryant #my little sister; syn. chedda bob #white towel heads #mohammed ali g
by Boback Sandwigger 2007 October 15, 2007
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Top Definition
An White person who wants to be Arabic (derogative)

Related Terms:wigger sand nigger
That kid from California who joined the Taliban is such a sand wigger.
by fggf November 19, 2004
a white person who tries to be Arab
Jenn speaks Arabic, dates a Lebonese guy and makes falafal. What a sandwigger.
#sandwigga #arabic #arab #wangster #towelhead
by Elcock September 27, 2007
An arabian who wants to be black.
Anthony Katouf is sucha sandwigger in his boston hat.
#sandnigger #wigger #wigga #arabian #faggot
by TBBucsCadillac24 April 01, 2007
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