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The coolest motherfucker of all time. He breezes past school, gets any girl he wants, awesome at sports too. His life seems perfect.
"Look at him, hanging out with the hot girls all the time, he's such a sanat.'
by ispeakedthetruth March 31, 2011
The sanest insane guy in town.
He is the sanat in the madhouse.
by wankyish March 28, 2009
Name of one of the 10 sons of Brahma, according to Indian philosophy.
Here comes Sanat, one of the sons of Brahma.
by defsnition February 25, 2010
the illest whore man slut you can find in this world. Thinks he's the shit cause he can play a cello, but he has 50 asian on his ass and they all think they're his only chick. All the girls can do 10 times better but he has some weird thing about him that for some miraculous reason has chicks fighting over him and shit even though he's not worth it.
"Hey guys my boyfriend just cheated on me"
"It was Sanat wasn't it?"
"Obviously, it was such a Sanat move"
by One of sanat's ex-gf's March 08, 2014

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