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a rare kind of sandstone found only in grimy florentine streets if that is even possible. If you ever find a samsklar beware for you have encountered the most volatile mercurial kind of stone and youll never know what it shall do next.
you can recognize samsklarr if : waves and says ciao
2. it picketpockets you
3. or if it has and arm brace

not to be confused with Sam Sklar.
if you find samsklar you should:
1. Practice your english
2. Check twice for your phone, cameras,wallets
3.brace yourself
-"my name is michelangelo and I will use this Samsklar to carve a new statue"

-"Fuck i think i just found a samsklarim soo scared"

by Puerto Rican Barbie August 01, 2011
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