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Sammy Hagar is the Red Rocker who was thr front man for numerous bands such as: The Fabulous Castiles, Montrose, HSAS, Van Halen, Los Tres Gusanos. Not to mention his initial solo tours and now he plays with the Waboritas.

Now lives in Cabo San Lucas Mexico, invented the "Cabo Wabo" and runs the original Cabo Wabo Cantina in Cabo and also frequents the Tahoe Wabo Cantina in you guessed it, Lake Tahoe.

The Week of October 13th every year he throws a HUGE birthday bash party in Cabo where celeberities such as Michael Anthony, Kenny Chesney, Toby Keith and others are known to pop by for a quick performance with Sammy.
Sammy Hagar fuckin kicks ass!!!!
Awesome former frontman of Van Halen, and writer of the best song in the world, "Poundcake."
Sarah Palin was likely the inspiration behind the Van Halen song Poundcake, which was written by Sammy Hagar.
by Ernie Cat-Face May 24, 2010
Sammy Hagar is the mediocre, b-list singer that was the "replacement" singer of Van Halen. He neutered Van Halen from the best hard rock band in the world to Journey meets Chicago. Since parting ways with Van Halen and Van Halen went back to their hard rock roots, Hagar has been the jealous ex-girlfriend. Even though he's a b-list act he's pretty much the Guy Fieri of the music world with his horrible outfits and constant need for attention. He's more famous for his Jimmy Buffet sideshow act than his actual music career. "Hot for Van Halen" is rumored to be the name of his next album.
Don't be a Sammy Hagar.
by C-Dub16 December 05, 2015
A talent musican born on October 13, 1947. Was well known in Van Halen, his solo carrer, hsas, Chickenfoot, Montrose and the Wabo's. Often compared to David Lee Roth who David maybe good but Hagar is way fuckking better. Hagar is also the best solo artist.
Sammy Hagar is the most successful muscian in the world
by urbanguerilla June 24, 2013
The chick who ruined Van Halen; also see, mediocrity
Boy, I really wish DLR would swing down from the stage and kick that no-talent ass-clown Sammy Hagar in his mediocre balls...
by olhick1 August 28, 2010
Sammy Hagar is a bridge drone troll. He is a complete whiney bitch who is deathly afraid of the success that Classic Van Halen had that he could never live up to. Bluntly put he is just an old angry man who lives in a delusional fantasy world in which Van Hagar sold 20 million more albums than Classic Van Halen. Every time he talks he utters nothing but lies and sounds like a sack of assholes. Bette Midler and Sammy Hagar are the same person.
Again... Sammy who ? I thought Van Halen had only one lead singer David Lee Roth. Sammy Hagar ?
by Patrik Durica October 19, 2007
a punk bitch that could never live up to Diamond Dave
did you hear that new band? the singer sounded like a sammy hagar.
by Damb June 03, 2008

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