A syrian kind hearted man, who helps everyone in need, very lovable. Once you fall in love with with him, you die inside when you dont see him or hear his voice.
He is a Samir, He is my life.
by ruhi for ever January 09, 2011
The captain of the S.S. Rzeznik. He likes different shades of red and can easily lead his crew to victory. He is a space pirate who knows how to get all the "booty." He's an awesome person.
Oh my gosh! It's Captain Samir! Everyone be on your best behavior!
by latenightcraving November 04, 2010
Samir loves his family almost to the point of incest, esspecially cousins, second cousins and so on.
Samir reaaaalllly takes care of his family
by Daniel ticconi December 29, 2011
A weed smoking individual who appears to resemble a smurf or referee. If you see a samir he is most likely to be addicted to marijuana.
Guy : "who's that ugly blue mother fucker with the striped t-shirt! He looks stoned!"

Guy 2: "oh that's samir"
by abdulbinshabaz August 01, 2011
(n) the act of being in a constant, never-ending fight with one's boyfriend/girlfriend

(v) to be verbally assaulted by one's significant other for countless hours at a time, separated by small moments of uneasy peace
A: yo man u won't believe what happened
B: what
A: iv been fighting with my girl for the last 4 hours on the phone
B: wow.. u jus got samired
by UofAlaska February 08, 2010
The slang term for the sack that holds a mans testicles...
Dude, my samir is itching so bad right now, i think i caught your crabs.
by (====3 April 28, 2011
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