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Like a child who doesn't figure out the stove is hot the first time, many people repeat the same hurtful mistakes in life and end up getting "burned"--and inexplicably seem surprised each time. They are effectively putting their hands on the stove again and again and don't figure it out because they think it's a different stove entirely each time. The solution? Remind them it's the same stove.
Mark: "Man, I just know this girl won't be like all the others before her! I can feel it in my heart! Just 'cause she acts and talks like them and has burned dozens of men before me doesn't mean it will happen this time!"

Cameron: "Dude, I hate to tell you this, but it's the same stove."

Mark: "You're so wrong!"

Cameron: "Same. Stove."
by Clintacus March 11, 2008
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