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A lifestyle which certain African-americans subscribe to where they embrace racial "black" stereotypes because mainstream society already blames them for the negative perceived actions. "If your doing the time, you might as well do the crime." The name Samboism is derived from the offensive "classic" character Sambo, used in the past to racially portray African Americans.
Your a black person who follows all the rules, yet all the white people and other ethnicities still just see you as a criminal because of your complexion. So you say F*¢# it and you put a durag on, a coogie hoodie, roca wear baggy jeans, and some Jordan's you stole from a person who worked for them. Then you rob a liquor store for cash, 40ozs, grape crush, and newports; they gonna think your gonna do it any way so you might as well do it and get the money and products.

He is a samboist. And a terrible person.

Immortal Technique: civil war- "I don't hate on the south,I respect their vision, I just hate on n¡??@$ that promote Samboism.
by Jo-Ra December 28, 2013

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