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Samahiakas are mythical creatures that slay all humans. They generally resemble the shape of Giant Sea snakes and\or tax collectors. But they are not bound to foolish earth mortal Shapes and sizes. The only known pictures of this creature are in cartoon form because when ever someone tries to take a picture of one, they die a slow and painful Dr. Butts approved death. Samahiakas are gentle animals that would never try and cause anyone harm, unless they see you. If they do see you your life span drops to just a little longer then it would be if you saw a Ninja. If a Samahiaka does spot you be sure to run away very fast. If you don't they may grow bored and decide to kill you. If you do they will admire you for having enough braincells to run away and then promptly eviscerate you. Samahiakas have some close relatives which you may have heard of such as Fire, Death, Knifes, Ninjas, Dr. Butts, and other implements of stabbing. See also Chuck Norris.
I was walking down the street, and a Samahiaka came to kill me because I was not Dr. Butts Approved.
by Steve-OBSM May 10, 2008
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