Term used to 'covertly' communicate one's opinion on the attractivenss of another human being, a roundabout phrasing of "smash". Can be used in many circumstances, as part of a sentence or as a stand-alone exclamation. Partciularly useful in the presence of girlfriends/wives and preferable to "I'd plow that into the ground".

Silent 'h' is preferable to achieve the desired effect, leaving the sound of 'Sam-ash'
1. On seeing an attractive piece of biatch flesh in the street,

John: "Sam-Hash!"
Girlfriend: "What???"
John: "Just remembered someone's name from work."

2. Guy 1: "Would Sam-Hash. Defintiely Sam-hash."

Guy 2: "Smashtastic. A solid smash out of smash"
by Sirty1000 April 08, 2011

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