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1. (noun) The main character in the Splinter Cell series of video games.

2. (verb) The act of being very silent and sneaky.
1. Sam Fisher infiltrated the terrorist's hideout with anybody knowing he was there.

2. "Man, I didn't even hear you coming. You totally pulled a Sam Fisher on me."
by You Can't Kill the Metal April 03, 2006
The Original Bad Ass Mother Fucker, otherwise known as BAMF
Damn Sam Fishers the difinition of BAMF
by TheEdge41 March 15, 2010
A characte in a game called Splinter Cell who has the right to use the fifth freedom to eliminate threats as he sees how they should. Equipped with the latest technology, Sam Fisher can easily get the job done without shit getting too hectic.

Also, can kick solid snake's ass any day of the week.
shit, playboy mansion is being heavily guarded! Ill just use my airfoil rounds, take out the guards, access the gate, and get mt some pussy!
by James Lowe March 06, 2005
1. A charactor from the game Splinter Cell.
2. A Female who goes out with many men in a very short period of time. Often breaking up with them in a matter of days after dating. The most demining thing you can call a woman. Like a combination of bitch, slut,and whore.
1.Sam Fisher killed ten terrorists on level 2 of Splinter cell.
2. Man she was Hella hot till she started pulling a Sam Fisher. She has dated like every guy in the school.
by JustAnotherVictim January 10, 2004
SWEET ALL KNOWING GOD.....secret identity of the amazing MASTER CHIEF!.....1337 H4xZ0r because he uses a knife to pwn things!!
Sam Fisher n00b kicked trucksis
by ASHTAR April 22, 2005
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