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4 definitions by ASHTAR

The amazing ninja that pwns people with THE paddle. The second secret identity of THE Master Chief.
Ryu just PADDLED you!
by ASHTAR April 22, 2005
Everything.... Ya Everything
Theres a minutez hanging from your minutez attachted to the minutez
by ASHTAR April 21, 2005
The all knowing pwn sauce in a can. The only competetor to the AMAZING Ryu Hyabusa!
ASHTAR is going to REASON your MINUTEZ
by ASHTAR April 22, 2005
SWEET ALL KNOWING GOD.....secret identity of the amazing MASTER CHIEF!.....1337 H4xZ0r because he uses a knife to pwn things!!
Sam Fisher n00b kicked trucksis
by ASHTAR April 22, 2005