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When, during anal sex, your partner fecallates all over your penis, and the rush to pull out subsequently results in said feces spewing all over your chest and onto your partners back.
Dude, I am NEVER having sex with Mike again.


He Sam Brownbacked all over me the last time, and I almost threw up.
by Freedom4None February 11, 2015
1 Word related to sam brownback
A homoerotic act between two men where one man places his own fecal matter in his mouth and inserts the fecal matter into his partners anus using his tounge.
That Sam Brownback video made Two Girls and a Cup look like Saturday Morning Cartoons.
by Billy the Retard February 11, 2015
Noun. The act where a man ejacualtes a tanned-colored fluid onto another man's woolly back after the penetration of an unsanitary anus.
I watched as he got dressed only to notice the stain on the back of his white t-shirt and remembered that I had just made a Sam Brownback with him.
by ToadsMcGoads February 11, 2015
Eight bear gays stuffed in a Ford Mustang, smelling each others' fingers while going to an antique shop.
We took a sam brownback and let me tell you, the journey was better than the destination.
by trzz333 November 21, 2013

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