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Awesome great guy who is very religious but is still kind. A best friend. Great and smart. induces sexual attraction from hot women.
Hot woman>I want Sam!!!
by Phrophetsam.awesome August 03, 2013
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The most amazing girl you will ever meet. She is beautiful, smart, and a true friend with a fantastic personality. Sams have been through a lot in their life but it only makes them stronger and they get right back up. Sams are the funniest people you will ever meet. You can always trust them with anything and they're always there to talk. They may seem shy at first, but after getting to know them they're the loudest and craziest people around. Sams always cheer you up no matter what. Always respect her because you never know hat someone goes through. Sams are also the most random people on the planet but you gotta love them.
Bob: I was sad yesterday about the break-up...but I'm feeling all better now.
Joe: how did you feel better so fast?
Bob: I just talked to Sam :)
by YourBestFriendPedo XD June 29, 2013
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She is a shortish brown haired girl with hazel eyes. She is very kind,and has an amazing personality.She is also very pretty. She is amazingly skinny,and always gets amazing guys. She is always the one you would want to have a relationship with. She'll make it last. She is allergic to fresh fruits,her mouth gets all fuzzy. Her favorite show is "Adventure Time" Her current addiction is tanning,and texting her boyfriend. She enjoys walks in the sun,or a nice night out. Summer time is her absolute favorite. She is pretty amazing..
Dude: I wish my girlfriend was nice to me...:'(
Dude 2: You should get one,like my Sam.
by natashalolcakes May 06, 2013
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Person who talks continously about their penis's engirged size despite the fact it is tiny. Believes everything on reddit to be gospel.
You are such a Sam.
by Kelseyb123 April 10, 2013
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a tall thin guy has muscles and love pussy he has a huge uncut dick and love the ladies
hey Sam

can u take me home


then can we...
yes then we can fuck
by pseudonym poop March 26, 2013
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a really beautiful, smart, sexy, crazy, lovable, with blue eyes, sexy body, nice hair, big lips, cute nose, caring boyfriend, always make you smile and laugh, doesnt pay attention to other girls, sexy ass cause he is an athlete, makes me feel special, in other words he is just perfect from the inside and outside and he makes all the other girls jealous of me cause they dont have him and i do :P <3
jessica : look at sam and his gf

emma : damn he is hot, i wish i was instead of her *cries*

i hate her.

jessica : so true, he is perfect *sighs*
by sb04-06-12 December 23, 2012
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Soft As a Motherfucker. Similar to the phrase going HAM you can use the phrase going SAM to describe someone or something that is not good. This works especially well if you are talking about a person named Sam.
Awww man im doing terrible at COD right now.

Yeah i know, your really going sam.
by Alwind September 07, 2012
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