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American author famous for his two controversial best sellers "The End of Faith" and "Letter to A Christian Nation". Incredibly articulate and eloquent, he along with evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins, author Christopher Hitchens, and American philosopher Daniel Dennet have ignited a revival in atheism in america. He argues that mankind should not expect to survive its religious differences indefinitely and cautions that the combination of iron age beliefs about god and the afterlife with 21st century destructive technology is a bad one to say the least. He also argues that the subject of religion gets a pass in contemporary civil discourse and this double standard is one of the many things driving us towards the brink because it is considered taboo to questions someones religious beliefs no matter how dangerous they might be.
Richard Dawkins is pretty cool but Sam Harris is the man!
by zorrokhan September 27, 2007
a very rational person
Person A: Hey, did you see Mr. Dwain (Biology professor) totally own that kid in class today who thought creationism made more sense than evolution?

Person B: Yeah; he's such a Sam Harris.
by Marsh McMallow September 02, 2010
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