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Sam Carroll, a regular of the 'selfie' phenomenon, lives partially at work and partially at the gym. His nature of frequent workouts and tribal tattoos has suggested that this character enjoys looking good at all times. His ability to 'shred' or 'rip' others is at a bare minimum, however he is almost a magnet to ferocious banter himself. Judging by his college input and his lazyness, this young man hates working at all costs; however his ability to try and hit the fashion scene has suggested to more recent scholars of the Sam Carroll, that actually his workload everywhere else is so poor only because he puts 200% of his effort in to looking sharp and clean shaven at ALL times.
James: Hey dude, did you see that guy coming out of the gym with that new jacket fashion look where they tie the strings together around their neck?

Jhonny: Yeah man, looked like a real Sam Carroll to me.

James: Word.
by jennywhatsthat? October 17, 2013
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