legal drug that costs too much but is totally worth every cent. Makes you hallucinate and get really hot, and laugh uncontrolably.
"last night, me and my girls smoked 40x Salvia and I honestly thought I was a piece of paper. It was crazy as fuck."
by scarfaussa September 27, 2005
a legal plant you smoke or ingest that gives you the weirdest trips ever. unlike anything you will ever experience. crazy. really really fun but can give you a bad scary trip. always have a sober sitter.
i smoked some salvia and after one hit i felt like i was part of the couch and saw thousands of ballerina legs kicking in front of me in technicolor. holla.

nichole smoked so much saliva on the beach she turned into a house as a marshmallow man told her to lay down and relax. then she turned in to lizard.
by murphylove September 27, 2006
Salvia divinorum has become increasingly well-known and more widely available in modern culture. The rise of the Internet since the 1990s has seen the growth of many businesses selling live Salvia plants, dried leaves, extracts and other preparations. During this time medical experts and accident and emergency rooms have not been reporting cases that suggest particular health concerns and police have not been reporting it as a significant issue with regard to public order offences. Yet Salvia divinorum has attracted increasing attention from the media and some lawmakers.

After about our 3rd Salvia sesh, I was a hilbilly named Joe showing people my lawnmower and Harry was the Red Baron shooting down Snoopy
by Vaul November 07, 2007
get the real shit at

Salvia is a plant used for its psychoactive effects. Given the right dose, individual, set and setting, it produces a unique state of 'divine inebriation' which has been traditionally used by Mazatec healers. This inebriation is quite different from that of alcohol. Salvia is both similar to, and different from, other drugs that affect the brain and behavior. In many ways Salvia is a unique 'magical' herb. Salvia (and the salvinorin it contains) is very difficult to categorize pharmacologically. It does not fit well into any existing pharmacological class.

It is almost certainly not like what you expect. Even if you have considerable experience with other psychoactive drugs, you will find that salvia is significantly different from what you may have encountered before. Salvia is unique, and it is best understood on its own terms, and not by analogy with other substances. Salvia is not a recreational drug, rather, it is best used by those wishing to explore deep meditative states, spiritual realms, mysticism, the nature of consciousness and reality, or the possibilities of shamanistic healing. Experiences vary with the individual, set, and setting as well as with dose and route of administration. It produces a short-lived inebriation that is very different from that of alcohol. However, like alcohol it interferes with the ability to drive, produces incoordination (ataxia), and may produce slurred speech.
I smoked some Salvia leaf and was teleported to another universe for half a hour.
by entheogen man August 18, 2007
A Powerfull But Fast acting hallucinogenic sage plant very interesting yet in certain areas Rather Expensive
best example would be my experience-- i live in Edmonton Alberta Canada we actualyl purchased the Salvia at West Edmonton Mall yes its perfictly leagal and they give you information and warning about it to (that was a Great Help) when we arrived home i smoked the Salvia out of a Water bong as instructed and then right after took another one holding both deeply in for as long as i can then as i exahled it almost hit me imeadiatly i fell back into the couch and just looked forward as i was lokoing forward i noticed that the floor and tv were all 2-D at that point i knew this would be alot like acid but Faster and alot more potent (and im a rather exeperience acid user) as i saw the 2-d spread infront of my (my living room) it felt as if somthing or someone grabbed my ankles and started trying to pull me in (into this 2-d vision i hade) as i felt this it felt as if my mind was literatly recoiling in horror to what was hapaning all i felt my head saying was 'No this is RONG" and i felt like my body was saying back to my head "dont worry it will be over soon" i treid hard for all of a couple seconds to fight this force pulling me into the 2-D picture infront of me then after it slowed up a bit i got some controll of myself and enjoyed the last few minuets of the ride by staring at my jet lighter ( jet lighters are required they burn the Sage plant properly) and wondering and being Dumbfounded buy how my metal lighter weighed nothing my mind was trying to convince me that it should weigh pounds and now talking. talking is a hole new thing its hard and u can probably get frustrated or lagh ALOT cause your words Dont work thats the best way to put it your Words just dont Work and after a few mineuts of trying to speak i got up and it was over Now the last thing i have to say is that their is an example at the very begining of the Salvia examples read that one it is very accurate and ALWAYS have a sitter Take turns yes its that short unless u eat it but uggg the smoke is bad enough i have only attemted 2 times and yes when the salvia takes ahold of you it is terrifying but you can quikly gain controll but your mind is scared Their are no fatal or long term affects once smoking the sage plant you are good to go to do whatever you need to do in all of 30 mineutes at the longest DO NOT DO IN LARG CROWDS that would be a horrible experince i also suggest taping or recording with your webcam cause you usually talk and its VERY funny and Entertaining to watch yourself (also knida embarasing) but enjoy and have fun NOTE- i only did two medium size water bong witha very tiny pinch of salvia small enough to burn it fast and rite ut it was very intense but have Fuc and use responsibly and enjoy
by Alexander macphail May 29, 2006
Pretty much the craziest shit out there, kinda unknown but gaining popularity which is probably why you're looking at this. Like DMT. Different league than acid or shrooms, more intense. Legal in most places but headshops might not sell to under 18.

How to trip
1) chewing never done this so I'm not gonna pretend to be an expert

2) smoking
In general a higher "x" value indicates higher potency, meaning a longer and more intense trip, stick to known brands cuz they're more reliable. You may want to start with a lower strength like 20 or 25 but that's up to how brave your feeling. If you buy extract its very fine and you will need a screen for your bong. Yes you need a bong, even if you have the strongest smokers lungs, you will need a bong to help with the harsh smoke.
pack one hit at a time (about the same size as a skittle or a little more). Someone else should hold the bong. You will need a lighter with a long flame. DO NOT BREATHE OUT. Hold i in for at least 30 but try for as long as possible
Trippy visuals n sounds altered perception and insight
Last bit
#1 if it doesn't work the first time, wait a while and try again, many (maybe even a majority, don't feel very much the first time around)
#2 pick your company carefully, people you're comfortable with
#3 this stuff is actually good for you! Look it up 0 adverse side effects and plenty of legit medical uses.
Stoner #1 : dude wanna hit this salvia?
Party guy: naw maybe later its not a party drug
Other guy: no I don't want to put unatural things in my body I like to stay pure and at one with my inner self.
Stoner #2: fuck you suburban motherfucker not everybody has the bling to shop at fresh fields everyday and mexican priests been usin this shit for centuries.
Stoner #1: so u down?
Stoner #2: ye dawg fuck this other guy to he would just ruin the trip
Stoner #1: ite cuz
Stoner #2: let's do this!
Other guy: you're going to hell for this!
stoner #1: I'm aboutta be there ill get you a postcard
by RepDCyouknowme October 13, 2010
weed's long lost dangerous cousin.
Also one of the best high's you'll ever experience :)

Note: Always smoke with a sitter if your willing to do this
(and yes its that bad)
Friend 1: Hey dude i just got this salvia shit and i heard its insane

Friend 2: Uhh, dude are you sure you want to

Friend 1: Helllzz yeah ( 10 seconds later Friend one takes only 2 hits and holds it in for 30 seconds)

Friend 1: "DUDEEEEE, HELP ME!!! IM LOST IN THE COUCH AND I CANT GET OUT" *uncontrollable laughter from Friend 1*

Friend 2: Fuck, im glad i didnt smoke that shit or else i would look like rick james over here lol but this shit is to fun to watch

by Azn dennis January 08, 2008

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