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A salty walrus is when cum is dripping down your chin/cheeks out of both corners of your mouth.
Are you gonna swallow that or just play salty walrus all day.
by josh ross September 08, 2005
67 27
When you cum in someone's nostril and he or she snorts it in.
Person: "What the hell?"
You: "Ha ha, salty walrus!"
by daniel July 22, 2004
34 35
1.A large sweaty bitch who rides a motorcycle.
2.A hairy man who likes to get on the rides at carnivals that are intended for young children.
3.A walrus that is covered in salt in its solid form.
Your mother is a salty-walrus.
Get away from him Lucas, he's a salty-walrus.
Oh shit, that is one salty-walrus
by Daviddivad May 21, 2008
2 4