the act of constantly hooking with multiple girls over a long period of time; having sex with an ex-girlfriend
Tony you got Salty yesterday, you are one SALTY DOG
by lazer303 June 23, 2011
When a guy does not take a shower till the point of smelling so bad it could make people cry. Then, the guy gets head at which will leave a salty, nasty, taste in the girl's mouth.
Jerry: "Mark you smell like ass why don't you go take a shower."

Mark: "No bra I want to give sarah a salty dog later tonight."
by chief bigstick May 15, 2011
Someone who sweats gravy and bleeds milk.
Damn, Jerry really needs to stop eating brownies and playing kickball. He's acting like a Salty Dog
by Ming the king February 28, 2012
North Jersey slang for letting a girl give you a blowjob after you have ALREADY had sex with another woman WITHOUT washing your dick first
That girl is such a pig! After I banged Renee, I drove over to Sherries place and gave her the Salty Dog!
by A REAL Cugine April 22, 2008
In the mid Illinois region such as any area between Chicago and Joliet this word is used to define an individual after he/she does something stupid, ridiculous, or embarrassing.
Cue your friend forgets his wallet at home.
You say ah you're a Salty dog.
by JxTwin June 09, 2009
a man usually between ages 16-65 who has so much self confidence, they believe they can get with any girl by A- making cat noises , B- trying multiple times to make a move and get denied EVERYtime , C- touch a girl in her "private" area when it is clear he is unwanted , D- texting her at 3 in the morning saying "yo can I come over?" , E- being too honest and saying , things like "you have a nice a*s" or "lets f*ck tonight".
ME - That guy is sucha salty dog, he text me at 3 last night asking to hang out.
FRIEND 1 - woww he texted me too!
FRIEND 2 - no way he called me last night!
FRIEND 3 - he asked if i was DTF
by Rachelx2 Hailey Steph Robyn December 29, 2008
An individal seasoned by their experience who does unscrupulous things.
When the sherif walked onto the crime scene and looked upon the masacre he expressed:

"This is the work of a salty dog, they ain't no squirrely amatures."
by Michael Burt January 16, 2007
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