Ma nigga
Salty is ma nigga
by neega123 May 24, 2012
Tasting like or containing salt.
When i blew a load in her mouth, she licked her lips and said "mmm, salty".
by salty September 20, 2004
A synonym for 'sweet'.
"That is one salty car."
by Vincenzo January 24, 2004
Ha, ha, salt on you!
(When you are embarrassed for having messed up, someone can say "Salt on you.")
by ginger October 28, 2003
ugly, possessing hoish qualitites
That's one salty bitch!
by Skeezerswick April 12, 2007
a word originating in cincinnati ohio. meaning basically i cant believe that. sometimes stated by itself. sometimes stated with balls
Ke-Ke: Im salty i just missed the bus.
Jo-Jo: salty.
Sha-Sha: salty balls.
by joy101 December 11, 2006
refering to someone that is in a bad mood
damn dog stop being so salty. or Damn he didn't get any play he's being a salty dog
by Ricky March 03, 2005
fresh looking, as in nice looking attire that one is wearing at the time.
"that shirt your wearing looks really salty on you".
by dawg1981 January 26, 2005

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