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When a green booger is applied to the penis before oral sex begins.
Imagine you're getting head from a chunky fat chick. She drops to her knees, causing a thunderous, earthquake-like shimmy in your house as she hits the floor. You look her in the eyes, disgusted at yourself for your disgusting fat chick blow job habit. Sick.

Before she envelops your cock with her slovenly horse gullet, you cram your finger up your nose and pull out the filthiest booger in history. You slather it all over your cock and cry "give me a salty cabbage, baby!"

She complies. And cries a little afterwards.
by Pollup October 18, 2007
When a guy wipes a huge booger on his penis right before he gets a sloppy blow job from a fat chick.
Ex. 1 - that chick was really fat and looking extra hungry, so I gave her a salty cabbage.

Ex. 2 - I gave her a salty cabbage and she puked on my nads.
by chumplet July 22, 2007
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