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the way you masterbate in filipino
ano james jakol ka nanaman eh?lagi naman eh burat.
by israel October 22, 2003
an urban Cincinnati word used to describe one who is high off ectasy or any other pill. It is said that rapper Cross started the term.
"Do Da Sal Sal"
"You Sal"
by L Nati™ July 27, 2007
Tagalog for masturbation.
Mary was alone and had that feeling between her toes so to relieve her sexual frustrations she got naked and sal-sal until she cum.
by evol65 December 02, 2009
another definition for jakol; the act by a man of sexually satisfying himself by holding/pressing his penis and moving it up and down until semen comes out
Umagang-umaga nagsasal-sal ka na naman!
by pidol June 23, 2003
Crystal meth in a red tablet with a skull and cross bones (Goonies).
To Sal Sal a Cincinnati Dance.
To clown a lame trick ass little bitch nigga from New York to Atlanta.
ha ha Do the Sal Sal
Preety Julie is Sal Sal., Winning mack role Play, Gwap Game
by Capital Punishment April 15, 2008

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