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disgusting viral video/flash page. Depicts a women taken a piece of shit inserting it into her vagina which is menstruating and then taken the shit log out of her twat and sucking on it. yeah fucking gross.
Tim:Yo who wants a salsa snack. Jeff: You're fucked.
by Mark_e_mark November 24, 2007
a term used to define a sexual act, which consists in inserting faeces in a woman's vagina and then said woman urinating them out.

this fantastic combination of urine and poop is also sometimes referred as salsasnack.

named after the award-winning website www.salsasnack.com
Damasio: Are you watching salsasnack again?
vazj: Yes, i love it when she pisses it out.
Damasio: Great! Can i watch to?
by Kid Bengala February 15, 2008
A delicious meal that can and should be served at every meal. A sexual innuendo deriving from the classic video displayed on salsasnack.com. Did I forget to mention it's delicious?
Bob: Yo, broham, want a salsa snack?

Chloe: Oh boy would I!
by CallMeCommander August 06, 2010