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A crazy hippie who is obsessed with santa hats. It is rumored that a salmoneus hoards them and worships them. How scary!
Fransisco: Hey man, what happened to my santa hat?
Rosario: A salmoneus probably stole it. What a loser.
by butt muncher200 March 24, 2008
11 7
An internet meme that misleads someone to a RuneScape Fansite which was made by a guy called Salmoneus
Tusho pulled a Salmoneus
by Exodiara February 03, 2008
2 6
A person that farts to keep himself occupied.
Jim: Hey Jordan, whatcha doing.

*Jordan lets one rips and giggles*

JIm: Jordan, your such a Salmoneus!
by Jippa March 22, 2008
4 10
To trick or mislead someone, like a rick roll. He is also the owner of a popular RuneScape fansite.
Tusho pulled a Salmoneus
by Exodiara February 02, 2008
1 8