The medium size city of Ohio. Has a bunch of car dealerships.
Bob: I need a new car.
Susan: Well you know you will be able to find something in Salem, they have everything!
by Sahweet Stacey February 22, 2009
Top Definition
The Capital of Oregon. There is NOTHING to do here. Life is boring and lame.
Salem, OR is a very boring city
by Will Baumann April 01, 2008
A Massachusetts city that is known for the Witch Trials, but tries to be recognized for their old maritime history. October is a crazy month, as Salem is promoted as "The Halloween Capital Of The World."
A true Salem resident hates tourists, but vendors love them
by pop_n_drop October 24, 2006
A town in Massachusetts. Also, the talking cat in Sabrina
I prefer the cat to the town, but I've never been there
by Biddy July 04, 2005
the town in southern illinois known for the large amount of pot circulating in the hallways of the high school and the even larger amount of pregnancies. the skate park, family video, and old walmart are the hotspots. you do not want to go here. ever.
Person: Let's go to Salem, Illinois!
Person 2: FUCK THAT.
by asdffghfjk June 24, 2009
Salem is from a Hebrew word meaning peace... You are more indepedent then others, can do things on your own. You can be stubborn at times though. Salem is mostly a male name but some are female. Your active, and hyper at sometimes.
For Example: Salem is my friend that is female and these words basically desribe her
by Ivy_Gurl July 25, 2011
1. Arabic name, for a male, also used in Iran, India and Pakistan. Means a handsome man of grand wisdom and charm, and is protected from harm. Who is always busy, but know when to have fun, and enjoy a good time. Trustworthy and always there for you; in short, the one person you want to meet before you die.

2. In Arabic, also means bright, intelligent, enlightened, philosopher king, etc.

3. Ibn Salem, a legendary poet and heresiarch in 8th century Abbasid Baghdad.

4. Salem, a place mentioned in Genesis 14:18, sometimes identified as another name for Jerusalem.
A: Dude!
B: What?
A: Stop trying to be so Salem!
B: I can't help it bro!
A: It ain't working.
B: (sad) I know.
by jinkojhgfe February 03, 2010
Boring little town in NE ohio filled with a bunch of emo little teenagers. Oh yeah, there's a walmart. And three tattoo parlors. And 17 churches, 8 bars, 11 pizza shops,9 hairdressers, 2 dunkins, And a race track. And Guatemalans. Lots of Guatemalans. And the high school teachers like students. A lot. Walmart.
Emo teen 1: thrs nthn 2 do in salem.
Emo teen 2: WALMART!!!!!
by Boredinsalem September 15, 2013
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